Task breakdown full of reminders!

You can look at pushstaff as a smart to-do list focused on delivering before deadline. You can add profiles of your employees and tasks. You can define all communication channels of your employee such as email, sms or social media. Pushstaff will let you decide how you want to send reminders. You can set your own text or use our AI technology to deliver reminders in more effective ways. How?

Random channels

Your employee will get your message but we use different senders and mix your description in our text message generator. This will help your employee to get the message

Employee DNA

We collect information about reaction of your employee to particular message. We know when, how he reads a message. We can than adapt and add DNA to our algorythm. That helps to deliver your message when time is right!

It's a process

You can stop and resume your task any time. This gives you full control of a situation. We do everything we can to send reminders with respect to your emloyee.

Full customization

You can set your own schemes for employees, you can also set particular communication channels to make your reminding process as effective as it can be


You can use pushstaff also as a web-service. We give you full REST API so you can attach our solution to yours. It's very simple and effective


If you're an excel person you can upload excel file with all your tasks with current status. Our system will take care of the rest. No need to learn anything special


We use proffesional suppliers for our SMS and EMAIL messaging. You can be sure that your message will go throught