Frequently asked questions

What is OMNI-channel?

Omni channel means that we use a multiple different channels to reach your employee. In simple words we send SMS or Email, Call your employee or send message on facebook.

This probably makes people angry?

It's actually not so bad as you think. Because we respect right to privacy our anti-stalking system control the whole process. Your employee will not get message at night or 10 times every hour. We prevent that so people get the message without that bad filling

Is it actually legal?

Ask yourself a question, is it legal to tell your employee 10 time a day to complete something, it can be ackward and probably will sound like your employee is an idiot, but it's not illegal. You can't talk about stalking at work and even if you try our system will prevent that!

Do I need to use your text generator?

No you can send exactly what you entered in a task description field. It's simple when you add the task just tick the box "Don't change this" and that's it!

Can I upload Excel file with my task and employee details?

Yes you can upload your excel file. We even allow you to control the status of your task from the excel file!

Do you have API?

Yes we have full REST API so you can attach our service to your current IT system. Contact us to learn more!

How your AI works?

Our AI do three general things. First it analyzes your clients communciation possibilites with employee reaction history. That helps to define when to send the message and which channel to use at the particular time of a day. Let say your employee in the morning answer the phone more often then in the evening, our algorythm detect that and calibrate the whole process. Second we take your message and change it a little so it look like advise not order. We use special generator to create unique messages that can't be recognied by your employee at first view effect (when you look at the screen of your phone and decide if something is important or not). Third we use a lot of senders, so your employee can get a message from Camile, Mark, Steve, Mia and much more. That three things hide your message inside something more adaptable than order

Can I decide which channels I want to use?

You add channels so you decide which of them to use in your work environment

Can i send message with my sender name?

Yes you can send message with your own Sender name. No need to use our algorythm if you have better understanding of your employees

How many tasks can I send?

You can send as many as your plan allowed to. If you need more you can buy more credits and set up more tasks

Can I stop notifications?

You can stop and resume tasks anytime you need to. You can set the task to "complete" status when your employee will deliver!